Who we are

In the market for more than ten years, we are a corporate Law Firm dedicated to providing legal assistance to our clients and their businesses in Brazil.
We merge multidisciplinary technical knowledge in Brazilian jurisdiction with international connections in the business world.
Our work is to provide creative, effective solutions that aim to clear the way for the strategic objectives of companies and individuals, thus contributing to the economic development of our country. This is the spirit we value in our team, which is made up of dozens of lawyers working in our firms in São Paulo and Bilbao (Spain).
When a multinational company designs its expansion plans in Brazil, we oversee finding the most appropriate and least expensive legal paths to implement them in an efficient, sustainable manner.
Regardless of the legal challenge presented, we delve into it with the objective of overcoming it.

More than 10 years of experience

Excellence in Corporate Law for International Businesses

Covering more than 15 fields of law

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Our client portfolio is highly diversified. We serve from individuals who seek legal advice to develop their businesses to large multinational companies, as well as startups, family businesses, and investors in the most diverse segments, always dedicating our attention to the specific needs of each client.

All of this is possible due to the multidisciplinary capacity of the Briganti Advogados team to curb risks and support our clients in business opportunities, which covers Tax Law, Corporate Law, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), Labor Law, and Civil Law focused on contracts, civil litigation and arbitration, Compliance, Administrative Law, Real Estate Law, Environmental Law, Family and Succession Law, among other fields of Law.

We are certain that excellence in legal practice and knowledge about client activities are key to achieving strategic objectives. Therefore, we seek to gain more and more knowledge about the sectors in which our clients operate, such as the automotive industry, real estate, civil construction, infrastructure, technology and payments, telecommunications, entertainment, retail, agribusiness, and energy, among others.

Our purpose is to act as the legal partner of our clients, regardless of their situation, in the challenges and opportunities that are presented in Brazil and abroad.

Our history

Learn more about our history, which started for than 10 years ago and inspires us for a present and a future full of opportunities.

Awards and recognitions

Our founding partner, Leonardo Briganti, was recognized as Most "Admired Lawyer” in the Tax category.
Our office was recognized as the “Most Admired” office by Análise Advocacia 2023/2024.
The International Tax Review (ITR), the main research focused on the tax legal market, recognized our firm in the General Corporate Tax and Indirect Tax categories. Our founding partner, Leonardo Briganti, was also recognized as Highly Regarded.
The International Tax Review (ITR) publication, the main research focused on the tax legal market, recognized our firm in the General corporate tax category. Our partner Leonardo Briganti was also recognized as a reference in Tax Law.
The special publication on the legal market, Análise Advocacia Regional highlights law firms that operate prominently in their region, taking into account the opinion of legal and financial managers of the largest companies in Brazil.
Our partner-in-charge, Leonardo Briganti, was recognized as one of the Most Admired Lawyers in the Country. The recognition, offered by the publication Análise Advocacia, of Análise Editorial is made after an accurate survey carried out with several companies from all over Brazil.
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Social commitment

In addition to our business activity, we are aware of the importance of the legal community’s contribution to a more just society. Based on this assumption, we also act on a pro bono basis, that is, without charging attorney’s fees, defending the interests of individuals in economic and/or social vulnerability.

Certified by Canopée as CARBON NEUTRAL, in the offsetting and compensation of GHG emissions.


Programa Brasileiro GHG Protocol

Certificate of GHG offsetting and environmental preservation of forested areas.