Areas Covered

Labor Law

We provide technical excellence related to all aspects of the labor system to our clients, legal entities, and individuals. Our work involves the administrative, advisory, and litigation areas, whether judicial or extrajudicial, integrating legal rules to client needs.

Our team is prepared to keep our clients updated on changes in labor legislation and case law, with the aim to reduce risks and any impacts related to labor relations.

We serve clients from all segments and accumulate relevant experience in the most diverse business sizes and sectors, such as food and beverage, trade, finance, industry and telecommunications, among others.

How can we contribute?

  • Proposition and defense of labor claims.
  • Assistance in the preparation and review of internal policies and Codes of Conduct.
  • Analysis of labor contingencies related to the company’s internal routines and procedures in Human Resources, including lectures and training in the onboarding of employees responsible for labor relations.
  • Monitoring of issues related to the work environment, with emphasis on occupational health, illnesses, and accidents in the workplace, as well as hazardous and unhealthy work conditions, in compliance with Regulatory Standards.
  • Advice on alternative forms of hiring, including expatriation, outsourcing, and cooperative processes.
  • Support in corporate operations for the preparation of due diligence, as well as for analyzing the company’s compliance with the best labor practices, contributing to the reduction of contingencies, and suggesting the adoption of safe routines.
  • Advice on the equalization of positions and wages and harmonization of benefits.
  • Advice on corporate reorganization processes and transfer of employees between companies.
  • Union negotiation and formalization of collective bargaining agreements.
  • Acting before the Public Ministry of Labor and Ministry of Labor and Welfare.
  • Protection of the assets of companies and partners of companies in the execution and matters of employer civil liability.
  • Adequacy of special working conditions, fixed-term employment contracts, compensatory working time, retention of strategic and qualified professionals.
  • Preparation of profit-sharing programs and stock options.
  • Consulting and opinions on labor legislation.