Areas Covered

Corporate Law

We support our clients in all aspects of Corporate Law, from setting up and structuring new businesses in Brazil and abroad to monitoring all corporate activities. This includes holding general meetings, meetings of partners and the board of directors, statutory or contractual amendments, drafting of shareholders’ or partners’ agreement, corporate reorganization and extinction and dissolution of companies.

In our firm, we work with public and private companies, civil associations, third sector entities, class entities, foundations and cooperatives, segments of the goods and services industry, in addition to representing international groups operating in Brazil.

We also assist our clients in the registration of foreign investments and foreign loans at the Central Bank of Brazil (BACEN) and support issues involving international financial transfers, such as capital inflow for the incorporation of companies, remittances of profits and capital gains, and dividend repatriation.

How can we contribute?

  • Drafting of corporate documents in general, such as articles of organization, articles of incorporation, minutes of general meetings, amendment to articles of organization, meeting minutes, incorporation documents, mergers, and spin-offs, change of corporate type, shareholders’, and partners’ agreement.
  • Registration of corporate operations at the Central Bank of Brazil, including investment operations (RDE-IED Module) and foreign credit (RDE-ROF Module);
  • Holding of general meetings and assistance in assemblies or meetings.
  • Advice on and participation in meetings or assemblies, representing partners or shareholders.
  • Advice on corporate restructuring operations, including mergers and acquisitions and joint ventures.
  • Assistance in family and succession planning operations.
  • Registration of corporate documents at competent government agencies.
  • Organization of corporate records.