Areas Covered

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Briganti Advogados advises domestic and foreign companies on Merger & Acquisition (M&A) transactions throughout the business cycle for buyers, sellers, investors, consortium, or joint ventures looking to expand their business in Brazil, and we have accounting and financial partners who contribute to the agile conduct of the process. Our professionals have in-depth technical and specialized knowledge, as well as vast experience in creating international connections in the world of M&A. In a creative, personalized, and multidisciplinary way, we deliver safe solutions that strengthen the consolidation of companies during the process.

How can we contribute?

  • Definition of the business strategy and drafting/reviewing the NDA;
  • Due diligence involving legal, accounting and financial aspects;
  • Risk analysis and management;
  • Initial negotiation and presentation of proposals;
  • Drafting/reviewing the MoU;
  • Definite negotiation, including structuring guarantees and transaction closing;
  • Post-closing follow-up.


How to perform M&A transactions in Brazil

In M&A operations, domestic and foreign companies seek to expand their business, with the expectation of gains in business synergy, meaning, therefore, the means to make their inorganic growth viable. As will be better detailed below, it is a transaction that requires expertise in negotiation techniques, participation not only of legal professionals, but also of accounting and financial authors, application of protection mechanisms (both buy side and sell side), always with the objective of equipping the parties involved in the operation with tools and structures…

Due diligence in M&A operations: understand what the importance is for buying and selling companies

Due diligence is an absolutely indispensable market practice in merger, acquisition, spin-off, or incorporation processes, as it allows, with total transparency, to know in depth the real situation of the company in question, the advantages and risks associated with a possible decision. It is an essential audit process to re-evaluate the transaction of purchase, sale and corporate reorganizations, through the analysis of the target company’s strengths and weaknesses.  This audit is also responsible for reviewing the practices and routines of the audited company in the…