Areas Covered

Family Businesses, Wealth Management, Family and Succession Law

Due to the risk of increased taxation of individuals and companies and the concern of families to structure the assets they have both in Brazil and abroad, we created a specialized hub for family planning.

We seek the best strategic solutions for estate and succession planning, as well as protection and perpetuity of family assets, considering the interests of clients and ensuring the transmission and preservation of assets for future generations.

We also advise our clients on matters related to the succession of family businesses and complex assets, as well as planning donations and estates, considering the incidence of inheritance and donation tax (Imposto sobre Transmissão Causa Mortis e Doação – ITCMD) and other taxes and obligations, as well as communication with the Internal Revenue Service and the Central Bank of Brazil (BACEN).

Our firm also has broad experience in family organizations, both national and foreign, with different models of corporate governance and operations in Brazil. We are able to advise companies under family control and families in succession planning, corporate reorganizations, tax planning, labor consultancy and litigation, mediation and corporate litigation, and in the transmission of assets or succession in the control of businesses.

How can we contribute?

  • Advice on corporate reorganization and succession planning operations.
  • Living donations, with or without usufruct reservation.
  • Creation of a family holding company.
  • Preparation of corporate acts (shareholders’ agreement, minutes, bylaws of boards and committees, among others).
  • Adoption of best corporate governance practices, generating stability in the relationships between partners.
  • Preventive advice for tax planning of individuals and family groups.
  • Legal advice for asset allocation.
  • Drafting of wills and curatorship.
  • Prenuptial agreements, steady union and dating contracts.
  • Assistance for drawing up of inventory deeds.
  • Advice on judicial inventories.