Since its foundation, expanding borders has always been part of Briganti Advogados’ motto. In the brand’s DNA, there has always been an urge to seek opportunities in different parts of the world to reduce distances between continents and facilitate business.

To connect cultures and boost legal solutions, Briganti was born with an international vocation.

That’s how we developed our office, started new legal practices, and today we work with numerous national and international companies. We provide cutting-edge legal advice aimed at breaking new ground.

Therefore, to celebrate ten years of operations, we designed a new brand that represents our tradition of transcending territories and integrating businesses in a modern and stylized manner.

As an inspiration, our logo has the shape and conveys the importance of sails hoisted on a ship’s mast to reach new destinations. Sailing across unknown seas and attracting new opportunities is what our team does and wants to do.

This precise idea in our new visual identity reflects our unique profile in the market – which makes us very proud – in a dynamic and innovative present time, preparing for a bright and promising future.

We move towards new destinations, bringing our clients closer to their goals.


Our brand, recently redesigned in celebration of our ten years of operation, maintains the tradition of reducing business gaps worldwide. This more modern design brings a B for Briganti, stylized in the shape of a sail, combining our mission to reach new destinations with our tradition and ability to adapt to different circumstances that may interfere with our client’s businesses.

That’s how our office has developed, started new legal practices, and today works with numerous national and international companies. We provide cutting-edge legal advice with the will and desire to conquer new markets in different countries and cultures within the context of an increasingly globalized world.

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