Areas Covered

Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG)

The development of corporate governance, social, and environmental responsibility (ESG) practices has gained more and more supporters in the business world because such practices indicate sustainability from the corporate, social, and environmental perspectives, consideration the changes that have been taking place in the world and in business.

Demonstrating good ESG performance indicators is crucial in conveying that a business is well managed, responsible, and engaged, which may attract new investors and business, and retain clients.

This new perception is indeed a paradigm shift in the corporate world, where the satisfaction of the various stakeholders that relate to the company are considered – shareholders, investors, employees, business partners, consumers, and society in general. It involves not only environmental impact, but also social inclusion and the fight against poverty.

In this scenario, it is key to have a multidisciplinary and experienced legal partner that guides companies in the various fields of law.

How can we contribute?

  • Advice on the adoption of corporate governance policies, and environmental and social practices.
  • Due diligence to ensure compliance with ESG standards.
  • Facilitation of communication between the various stakeholders in business activities.
  • Pre-dispute consulting, as well as assistance in defining strategies and preventing conflict, including preliminary assessment of lawsuits and organization of documents and evidence.
  • Advice and representation in negotiation, mediation, and settlement of disputes.
  • Strategic management of disputes.
  • Analysis and training related to ESG.
  • Preparation of corporate documents and related contracts, assisting negotiations and defining strategies to meet ESG excellence standards.
  • Consulting on contracts, internal policies, and regulations aimed at ESG standards.