Areas Covered

Environmental Law

Environmental Law has proved to be one of the most relevant fields nowadays because failure to comply with the legislation in its most diverse aspects can create serious constraints to businesses, as well as bring unforeseen costs and, in some cases, have repercussions that prevent the achievement of expected goals. As it is a diffuse right, the involvement of various government authorities, such as Prosecution Office and Environment Departments, as well as civil society itself, makes the analysis of the environmental and legal status of operations even more relevant. In the advisory and litigation sphere, we help our clients in the environmental aspects related to obtaining licenses, environmental risk analysis of projects and expansions, purchase and sales of land, greenfield projects, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and contracts of different profiles in the business environment.

How can we contribute?

  • Monitoring of projects to obtain prior, installation, and operation licenses.
  • Environmental responsibility risk analysis.
  • Preparation of opinions and environmental studies such as EIA/RIMA, a study on environmental impact.
  • Monitoring of public hearings.
  • Analysis and drafting of contracts in the most diverse areas of activity.
  • Monitoring of federal, state, municipal legislation, as well as the National Environment Council (CONAMA) and the National Environment Council (SISNAMA) resolutions, among others.
  • Work environment from the creation of internal policies to lawsuits.
  • Working with government agencies (Prosecution Office, the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources [Ibama], Environment Departments, etc.).
  • Environmental inspections and notices of violation, administrative and judicial defenses, public civil actions, and collective environmental writs of mandamus.