Areas Covered

Civil Law and Contracts

The execution of contracts and other formal agreements help entrepreneurs in the conduct of their businesses with the adoption of procedures that minimize risks, queries, disputes and losses.

We work closely with our clients, individuals, legal entities, both national and foreign, in order to ensure that their operations are in compliance with the law and contribute to business growth, taking into consideration the Civil Code, Code of Civil Procedure (Código de Processo Civil – CPC), Business Corporation Act (Lei das S.As), Consumer Protection Code (Código de Defesa do Consumidor – CDC), the New Act on Business Bankruptcy, Recovery, and Restructuring, the Brazilian General Data Protection Law (Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados – LGPD) and environmental legislation.

Guidance and contract management also guarantee the recovery of rights and credits, allowing for the provisioning of any gains and losses and the maintenance of files prepared for audits.

How can we contribute?

  • Preparation, review, negotiation, execution and recording of the most diverse business contracts, both national and international, such as the purchase and sale of goods and assignment of rights, provision of services, national and international commercial partnerships, franchising, leasing of real estate or furniture, lending and use licenses, technical assistance and technology transfer, contracts, insurance, among others.
  • Civil and contract consulting in day-to-day business demands, providing legal support to clarify queries and questions for which the various areas of the company require quick and objective answers, reducing the risk of decisions made.
  • Legal opinions prior to closing deals, to identify the legal format best suited to clients’ interests, participating in the entire negotiation until the effective closing of the deal and in the management of the contract.