Areas Covered

Civil Litigation and Arbitration

In the litigation and arbitration sphere, our team also has experience in relevant disputes concerning Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), contracts, financial operations, credit recovery, consumer, technology and intellectual property, environmental issues, and a wide range of local and international business litigation, in addition to disputes related to Family and Succession Law.

Our multidisciplinary capacity provides the client with a complete and strategic view of business disputes in the tax, labor, civil, corporate, and administrative spheres.

With decades of experience and dialogue with the Judiciary Branch, arbitration and mediation boards, and other authorities, our partners represent clients in all instances of judicial and administrative litigation.

We also provide pre-litigation advice to avoid or mitigate risks for the client, and alternative dispute resolution methods, including mediation and arbitration.

How can we contribute?

  • Legal opinions prior to the filing of lawsuits, including an analysis of the documentation presented by the client, identification of sensitive points, and mapping of risks and possibilities of success.
  • Identification and treatment of litigation portfolios, seeking to reduce mass liabilities in both civil and consumer areas.
  • Special treatment for strategic litigation events aimed at mitigating the risks of a lawsuit of high financial value and exposure in the market.
  • Portfolio management for risk and contingency analysis in both active and passive lawsuits.
  • Strategic reporting to guide the location of the portfolio, amounts involved by claims and the possibility of agreements linked to the risk of precedents, always focusing on the best strategic management of our clients’ businesses.
  • Direct dialogue with internal legal departments.