Areas Covered

Infrastructure and Energy in the Public and Private Sector

For this sector, which is currently one of the most important in the development of the national economy, we have a team prepared to assist clients in the development and financing of renewable energy and logistics projects. Our technical expertise makes Briganti Advogados a firm with full capacity to monitor all phases of any infrastructure project. We can, therefore, represent our clients before the various regulatory authorities at the state and federal level, providing appropriate advice in bidding processes and in public-private partnerships (PPP).

With national and international advisory and litigation activities, in the public and private sectors, we work in the interest of our clients in various industries such as energy, mining, logistics, oil and gas and basic sanitation.

In Public Law, we act in regulatory and litigation matters related to technical authorities such as the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL) and the National Land Transportation Agency (ANTT), among others.

How can we contribute?

  • Assistance in the preparation of proposals for tender offers.
  • Representation of clients in bidding processes, logistics infrastructure auctions, Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs), privatization and public concessions.
  • Analysis of bid notices and commercial opportunities, from price formation to any challenges and clarifications on public and private sector bids.
  • Contract management and advisory services for project management (PMO), as well as management of contractors, procurement, and subcontracting.
  • All legal management in contract administration, including monitoring of contract managers in negotiations, document traceability, and assistance in the preparation of communications with various stakeholders.
  • Risk analysis and possibility of economic-financial balance of contracts and other claims for damages.
  • Assistance in and conducting of claims of the most diverse modalities.
  • Analysis of contracts, notifications and counter-notifications with all stakeholders involved in the execution of the contract, such as service providers, outsourced employees, labor force and suppliers in general, providing legal support in queries and matters for which the various departments of the company require quick and objective responses, thus reducing the risk of decisions made.
  • Related administrative and judicial litigation.