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Giovana de Angelis

OAB/SP: 375.072 +55 11 91361-1876

Areas of expertise


  • Postgraduate student in Labor Law and Process at Escola Paulista de Direito
  • Graduated in Law from the Catholic University of Santos (UNISANTOS)


Portuguese and English

Giovana’s related news

The possibility of dismissal without just cause and the judgment of the subject by the STF

It is again on the agenda in the STF, the subject of the possibility or not of the dismissal, by the employer, without just cause of its employees through the trial that will take place in a virtual way, at first between the 19th and 26th of May. In an interview with Link Jurídico, the lawyer specializing in Labor Law, Giovana Angelis, comments on. Stay on top of the subject and check out the full interview: