BrigantiCast – the international podcast of Briganti Advogados – is subsequently available

We are pleased to invite you to discover the launch of this first episode of our BrigantiCast – Brazil closer to to the world.

Each episode will feature a special guest and one of our associates to discuss current concerted foreign affairs topics – which will significantly interest foreign companies operating in Brazil or abroad.

Discover the episodes in French, Portuguese, Spanish, and English, with subtitled and translated videos on our YouTube channel.

To inaugurate the Briganticast, we have chosen a complex subject on the agenda that concerns the whole planet: the environmental issue in Brazil.

And for that, we invited the CEO of the climate Canopée company, Mr. Jean-Pierre Cantaux, for a conversation around the theme “The environment and economic development in Brazil,” led by our partner responsible for International and the French Desk, Mr. Leonardo Briganti

Listen to the full episodes on SPOTIFY or YOUTUBE

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