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BRIGANTI | ADVOGADOS is a pro-business legal consultancy firm. We want to be acknowledged as an effective strategic partner for our clients in the management of their businesses and be able to efficiently contribute so that they may increase their competitiveness, profitability and legal safety.

Our model stimulates and values our most important asset, the human factor. The professionals at BRIGANTI | ADVOGADOS are known for their dynamism, proactivity, commitment, flexibility and for having their minds focused in the globalized business world.

Our Professional team has a large experience in enterprises. We work managing interests of our clients, with our own team of technicians or through professionals from our relationships network built along the years.

In order to achieve this goal, we always think “outside the box”; we do not limit ourselves to get to acquainted with legal variables of our clients; their productive cycles and their reality in the business environment are also important in order to allow us to share our knowledge in a more consistent fashion.

Areas of Practice

  • Tax Law
  • Business Law
  • Tax Compliance
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
  • Credit Recovery
  • Contracts
  • Labor Law
  • Due Diligence
  • Administrative Law
  • Civil Law
  • Arbitration
  • Paralegal

Tax Law

A deep understanding of the Brazilian Tax Legislation and the quest to achieve highest efficiencies in business development are mandatory for any entrepreneurial activity. Our team gives consultancy to our clients integrating legally supported innovative tax solutions and a high degree of specialization.


We work developing opinions and interpretations of the tax legislation and the development of legal tax planning.

  • Advisory in consolidation and reporting to foreign companies established in Brazil.
  • Implementation of tax committees in companies;
  • Preparation of legal opinions to give support to corporate transactions;
  • Monitoring and closing of reports before audits;
  • Development and implementation of domestic and international tax planning;
  • Optimization of treaties celebrated by Brazil; and

Transfer Pricing

Preparation and/or review of transfer pricing methods in import and export operations of assets, services providing and loans taken with related companies.

  • Study of the most adequate method for the business, observing the peculiarities of the sector;
  • Planning of operations according to the legislation of the countries involved and implementation of methods for the management of the tax burden; and
  • Preparation of the supporting calculation in a safe and customized fashion.

Administrative and legal disputes

We defend our clients in tax litigation, in active or passive disputes against the Revenue Service in all instances (federal, state or municipal) in administrative or legal routes. We have an acknowledged reputation for working in Regional and Higher Courts.

  • We act on tax assessment notices and goods seizure;
  • Manifestation of non conformity in compensation, restitution and indemnification lawsuits;
  • Administrative requests of special regimes (conventional, tax incentives and customs procedures);
  • Re-establishment of tax regularity;
  • Legal suits tending to reduce tax burden (undue tax or charged higher than should have been taxed) and to recover amounts unduly paid; and
  • Contentious litigation of tax liabilities.


Business Law

In a globalized and high competitive world, business operations became every day actions, demanding from our professionals a vast knowledge of Law and present entrepreneurial practices.

We support our Brazilian clients and multinational groups from the most different sectors in all aspects of business law, from the establishment of all types of companies to the structuring and follow-up of their corporate governance. Our practice also encompasses companies’ restructuring, structuring of new businesses in Brazil and abroad, representing international groups active in Brazil and dissolution of companies.

  • Creation and dissolution of companies and associations in general; for profit or not;
  • Preparation and negotiation of agreements with quota or shareholders and memorandums of understanding;
  • Consultancy and implementation of company restructuring involving domestic and foreign companies, such as division and incorporation;
  • Preparation of company acts in general;
  • Negotiation and implementation of company’s structures, purchase and sale of shares, quotas and participations, joint ventures and investment agreements;
  • Representation in general meetings and partners meetings and preparation of such instruments.
  • Preparation of opinions and answers to different inquiries of business nature.

Foreign Investments

  • Consultancy in recording foreign investments and loans at the Central Bank of Brazil, inclusively in the conversion of foreign loans and credits in foreign capital;
  • Consultancy in issues involving international financial transfers such as influx of foreign capital for the establishment of companies, remittances of profits and capital gains, repatriation of foreign investment, Brazilian investments abroad and other remittances;
  • Consultancy in issues related to the interpretation of Normative Acts issued by the Central Bank of Brazil.

Tax Compliance

The Constant increase in the complexity of tax and social security duties impose the need to implement an effective control of tax practices. We help our clients regarding reviews in tax postings and calculations, as well as the reflex of such taxes on pertinent accessory duties, thus bestowing safety and solidity to the posted information and amounts paid.

  • Review of tax calculations;
  • More efficient management of tax and accounting controls;
  • Management of tax risks;
  • Follow-up and minimization of contingent liabilities;
  • Follow-up of ERP systems parameterization;
  • Filling up income tax returns; and
  • Management of returns and their respective transmission

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

In a competitive world, merger and acquisition operations between companies represent the most efficient method to improve their growth, facilitate the entry in new markets or obtaining synergy with other players from the same sector.  In this area, we work with merger and acquisition operations involving companies from different markets and sizes – from family owned companies to multinational companies. We adopt a policy of integrated services with the other areas of our firm in order to provide counseling that involves all relevant legal aspects in the most different operations: purchase and sale of participation in companies and assets, associations, joint ventures, incorporation and division of companies, among others. We support and advise our clients from the moment of planning and structuring the business, eventual signature of preliminary documents (such as exclusivity and confidentiality agreements), preparation, negotiation and celebration of documents that effectively formalize the operation, until its later submission to CADE, if such is the case.

Credit Recovery

The complexity of the Brazilian tax legislation and its constant amendments ends up causing interpretation errors made by companies with regard to tax credits that may be acknowledged. In many cases, by conservative reasons, the authorized credits are not used, resulting in burdens to the companies. Our team analyses the operations carried out in order to identify and make feasible the use of such recoverable credits, respecting the peculiarities of each market segment.

  • Recovery of tax credits (ICMS, IPI, PIS, COFINS, IRPJ, CSLL, etc.);
  • Recovery of social security credits;
  • Consultancy in changing criteria for parameterization of ERP systems;
  • Rectification of accessory duties; and
  • Formalization of compensation, reimbursement and refund requests.


The celebration of contracts and other formal agreements help the entrepreneur in the conduction of his/her businesses with the adoption of procedures that minimize risks, doubts, disputes and, consequently losses, as there are pre-established rules for the relationship between the parties thereto.

We work closely with our clients, legal or natural persons, domestic or foreign, in order to assure that their operations are made in conformity with the legislation in force and also to contribute to the growth of their businesses, reflecting their worries and specific needs in the documents involved in such operations, allowing the celebration of businesses with speed and safety. The contractual guidance and management warrant also the recovery of rights and credits, allowing the provisioning of eventual profits and losses, and the maintenance of files prepared for audits.

We advise and consult in the preparation, review, negotiation, celebration and filing of the most different types of agreements such as:

  • Purchase and sale of assets and assignment of rights; 
  • Franchise agreements;
  • Lease of real estate properties agreements;
  • Free-lease agreements;
  • Services providing and supply of goods agreements;
  • Commercial distribution and agency agreements;
  • Construction and industrialization by order and global turnkey project agreements;
  • Use of license agreements, technical services and technology transfer agreements, including consultancy in issues related to the interpretation of normative acts issued by the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI).

Labor Law

Present labor relations need to be adequately managed in order to avoid controversies and contingent liabilities. For such purposes, we deliver our clients, legal or natural persons, the technical excellence related to all segments of the labor system. Our performance involves administrative, consulting and litigation areas, of judicial or extra judicial nature, including therein union negotiations.

Labor Litigations

  • Lawsuit filing and defense before Labor Law Courts, in all instances of jurisdiction;
  • Defending companies before the Labor Prosecutor’s Office;
  • Defending against claims notices brought about by the Ministry of Labor and Employment;
  • Defending the equity of companies and its partners in enforcement proceedings;
  • Acting in round tables before the Ministry of Labor and Employment; and
  • In issues related to civil liabilities of companies.

Labor Consultancy

  • Analysis of outsourcing processes and risk mitigation;
  • Consultancy to cooperatives;
  • Compliance audit in human resources sector;
  • Special labor conditions such as agreement for a determined period of time, atypical agreements, hour banks, temporary suspension of labor agreements. Non competition, incentives to technical and scientific development, commercial agency, expatriates/foreigners;
  • Preparation of stock option and profit sharing programs;
  • Creation and follow-up of investigations to assess grave failures and/or irregularities practiced by employees;
  • Provide legal opinions on labor legislation; and
  • Provide labor visas and labor, fiscal and tax consultancy.

Due Diligence

The inherent risk of the unfulfilled duties of companies may contaminate new investors or the business itself. Having a deep knowledge of the hidden, contingent, constituted or not liabilities is indispensable to good entrepreneurial practices. We conduct our due diligence processes in all areas of performance of our firm, in order to ascertain the real legal situation (company, tax, agreement, real estate, civil, environmental, labor and intellectual property aspects), regulatory, fiscal and accounting aspects of the companies, be it on purchase and sale operations, under the optics of buyers and sellers, or to impart more safety to partners, shareholders or managers of the companies. This work may also be carried out in a limited manner, with the issuance of a report indicating the main contingencies that have been identified (red flag report)

  • Carrying out complete or limited scope due diligence processes;
  • Preparation of red flag reports; and
  • Organization of a data room.

Administrative Law

Hire with Governments or supply to companies hired by these governments, demands specific legal support, be it to assure the participation of companies in bids or to protect these companies in already celebrated agreements.

  • Analysis of the economic and financial balance of agreements;
  • Consultancy and conduction of rebalance claims;
  • Assistance in creating tender proposals; and
  • Correlated legal and administrative litigations.

Civil Law

Private relations and their peculiarities present ever higher complexities and the constant need of legal advisory. In this sense, our Office has an experienced team able to help our client in different areas of Civil Law, with strong strategic view and high quality of services provided.

Our team is experienced in relevant cases involving disputes regarding Mergers and Acquisitions, Contracts, Financial Operations, Credit Recovery, Consumer Issues, Technology and Intellectual Property, Environmental Issues and a large scope of entrepreneurial litigation, both domestic of foreign, besides disputes related to Family and Successions area.


Alternative modes for dispute solution are efficient tools to follow-up the dynamics of companies. The usual slow pace of the Judiciary and the lack of technicality in decisions that demand such type of support are sufficient reason to have disputes solved through arbitration. Our team is able to support our clients in procedures of such nature.

  • Entrepreneurial mediation;
  • Domestic and international arbitration;
  • Preparation of arbitration/commitment clause;
  • Negotiation of an arbitration commitment; and
  • Execution of the related judicial measures (writ of prevention/ provisional remedies/incidental measures, homologation and execution of sentences).


The extensive bureaucracy in Brazil imposes the real need to control processes and to have a deep knowledge of usual practices before different public entities. In this line, we also serve our clients in claims of this nature with professionals from our own team.

  • Board of Trade – Filing of acts, newspapers and company books in all Boards of Trade and Notaries;
  • Government Entities – obtention of files, registrations and necessary licenses to create and regularize companies in Brazil, inclusively functioning licenses;
  • Central Bank of Brazil – Registration with SISBACEN (IED and ROF) to enable the entrance and exit of resources from abroad such as: investments and loans with foreign companies; remittances of profits and return of capital; enquiries regarding foreign exchange regulations; defense in administrative lawsuits, among others;
  • Administrative, Forensic and Real Estate Certificates - Obtention, follow-up and renewal of certificates for audits, due diligence and public tenders;
  • RADAR – Siscomex – Accreditation in the foreign trade system of the Internal Revenue Service, aiming the possibility of importing and exporting goods; and
  • Registrations – discharge or obtention of registrations mandatory for the needs of companies.

Our Office is present in North America through its Canada Desk, developed to meet the ever growing market between Brazil and the large North-American players – especially Canada. Together with the main Canadian Trade Chambers, our Desk started its activities in 2015 and is offering full legal consultancy to Canadian investors who wish to invest in Brazil, as well as to those Brazilian who intend to develop their businesses in Canadian territory. Located in the cosmopolitan town of Montreal, province of Quebec, the Desk is extending its consultancy to other provinces such as New Brunswick, offering legal support and expertise to Brazilian and Canadian entrepreneurs and investors through a skilled professional who has permanent residence in Canada.


With the purpose of decreasing the distance between Brazil and Spain, and aiming to offer our clients total and complete services, in 2011 we created the Spain Desk. Our services are always based on a deep and total vision of the business, guiding our clients since their arrival and implementation of their businesses in Brazil, as well as their compliance to the local market and applicable regulations. Our quest is always to optimize the economic results of entrepreneurial groups and evaluate the impacts from individual demonstrations and consolidation of results.

For this purpose we have a multidisciplinary team, with a wide experience in Brazil and Spain, located in the city of San Sebastián, in Basque Country. In Barcelona we also have the support of BOIL FERNANDEZ GELI, a law firm with over 15 years of experience and presence in the Cataluña region.


Historic, cultural and linguistic liens made natural the expansion of Briganti’s businesses to Portugal, our second presence in Europe. Our work consists in providing legal consultancy to Portuguese companies interested in beginning or enlarging their activities in Brazil, as well as to Brazilian companies interested in expanding their businesses in Portugal.

Family Planning

Face to the risk of increases in taxation for natural persons and legal entitites, as well as worries of families in structuring their assets, aiming for an organized and smooth succession, BRIGANTI ADVOGADOS developed a specific desk for this area.

We have a holistic view of personal and familiar assets, both in Brazil and abroad, and search for the best strategic solutions for Asset and Succession Planning, the protection and perpetuity of family assets, always taking into account the client’s interests and assuring the transmission and preservation of these assets for future generations.


Leonardo Briganti


Expert in corporate and tax Law as well as business management. Law Bachelor by the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo. Graduate studies in Tax Law at PUC/COGEAE. Graduate studies in Business Administration at the Business Administration School of São Paulo – EASP/FGV. Works with tax and corporate law since 1996 always in law firms. Experience in tax structuring, tax planning, corporate restructuring and foreign investments.

Telephone: (+55 11) 3195-9984 / (+55 11) 9-7666-1411
Skype: briganti1976
Areas of expertise: : Tax Law, Corporate Law and International Consultancy.
OAB/SP: 165.367
Schooling: Law Bachelor by the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUCSP), Graduate studies in Tax Law at Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUCSP). Expert’s degree in Business Administration by Getúlio Vargas Foundation (CEAGSP).
Languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish.

Alexandre Silvestre


Expert in Labor Law. Law Bachelor degree by the Osasco School of Law. Graduate degree by PUC/COGEAE. Works in Labor Law since 1999, always in law firms, in specializes in consultancy, litigation and administrative law for domestic and foreign companies. Large experience in mergers and acquisitions, audits, as well as collective bargaining with Labor with Labor’s Prosecutor’s Office, Regional Labor Inspection Office and Unions.

Telephone: (+55 11) 3195-9985 / (+55 11) 9-9320-8610
Skype: brigantiafs
Areas of Expertise: Labor Law
OAB/SP: 196.604
Schooling: Law Bachelor by (UNIFIEO) University Center. Graduate Course in Labor Law by the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo.
Languages: Portuguese and English

Djalma Rodrigues


Expert in Tax Law. Law Bachelor by the Law School of São Bernardo do Campo. Graduate studies at PUC/COGEAE. MBA in Tax Management by FIPECAFI. Works directly with tax law since 2003, always in law firms with emphasis in litigation (administrative and judicial) and consultancy. In litigation field works with liabilities management, follow-up of inspections and defends fines, homologation of incentives, qualification in special regimes and lawsuits for the recovery or reductions of levied taxes. In consultancy, works with tax structuring, tax planning and support in corporate restructuring.

Telephones: (+55 11) 3195-9982 / (+55 11) 9-6849-8037
Skype: dj_rodriguess
Areas of Expertise: Tax and Corporate Law
OAB/SP: 257.345
Schooling: Law Bachelor by the Law School of São Bernardo do Campo. Graduate studies at PUC/COGEAE; Expert in Tax Management - MBA by FIPECAFI.
Languages: Portuguese and Spanish

Nerea Zabaleta


Consultant expert in finances and controllership. Graduated in Business Administration at Universidade del Pais Vasco. Experience gathered in large size companies especially in the field of controllership. In charge of the management of financial operational information, such as demonstration of results, financial statements, cash flows, operational indicators, implementation of costs systems, etc. In charge of the implementation of reporting systems in ERP SAP and consolidation of financial statuses in BRGAAP and IFRS.

Telephone: (+55 11) 3195-9980 / (+34) 91 198 06 80 / (+ 34) 622 35 09 09
Skype: nerea.barreiro
Areas of Expertise: Tax and Financial Consulting
Schooling: Bachelor in Business Administration at Universidad Del Pais Vasco, Graduated in Management Secretariat at the Higher Institute of Secretariat and Management - ISSA at Navarra University.
Languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish and Euskera

Paula Fragoso


Expert in Corporate Law, Mergers and Acquisitions. Law Bachelor by the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo, Graduate in Corporate Law by the Brazilian Securities Market Institute – IBMEC. Acts in corporate law since 1998, always in law firms, in mergers and acquisitions, sale of assets, joint ventures and other operations, as well as corporate issues in different areas for domestic and foreign clients.

Telephone: (+55 11) 3995-4389 / (+55 11) 9-9735-1446
Skype: paula.fragoso77
Areas of Expertise: Corporate Law – Mergers and Acquisitions – Agreements – Business Law
OAB/SP: 196.734
Schooling: Law Bachelor by the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo. Graduate studies at in Corporate Law at the Brazilian Institute of Securities Market – IBMEC.
Languages: Portuguese e English

Rosângela Fernandes


Expert in Tax Law. Graduated by United Metropolitan Schools – FMU. Graduate studies at INSPER. Works in tax law since 1997. Experience developed at industries, logistic companies, service providers, law firms and international audits. Works directly with tax consultancy, tax compliance, mergers and acquisitions, tax planning, as well as internal audits of domestic and foreign companies.

Telephone: (+55 11) 3195-9981 / (+55 11) 9-7452-7699
Skype: rofernandess1
Areas of Expertise: Tax Law and Tax Compliance
OAB/SP: 367.505
Schooling: Law Bachelor by the Law School of Metropolitan United Schools and Graduate studies in Tax Law at the São Paulo Law School of INSPER – Teaching and Research Institute.
Languages: Portuguese and Spanish

Tatiana Rodrigues


Expert in Family Law and Inheritance, Succession and Estate Planning and Corporate Law. Bachelor’s Degree in Law at Largo de São Francisco Law School (USP). Working directly in the areas of Family Law and Inheritance, Succession and State Planning and Strategic Litigation and arbitration since 1998, always in law firms, for Brazilian and foreign clients. Experienced in asset management, planning and estate reorganization and succession, in Brazil and abroad.

Phone: (+55 11) 3195-9980 / (+55 11) 9-6858-3162
Skype: tati9736
Work Areas: Family and Asset Management, Succession Planning, Family Law and Inheritance Law and Civil Litigation and Arbitration
OAB/SP: 182.690
Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Law at Largo de São Francisco Law School (USP).
Languages: Portuguese and English

Leonardo Lima


Telephone: (+55 11) 3195-9980 / (+1) 418 907 9937
Skype: leonardo.daldegan
Areas of Expertise: International Agreements and Commercial Law
OAB/SC: 32.821
Schooling: Law Bachelor by University of Vale do Itajaí (SC), Master in Commercial Law by University of Montreal 
Languages: Portuguese, French and English

Priscilla Arlant


Phone: (+55 11) 3195-9980 / (+55 11) 9-7554-9366
Skype: p.gracitele
Work Areas: Corporate, Contracts and Real Estate
OAB/SP: 243.821
Education: Bachelor’s degree in Law at Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado - FAAP. Post-graduated in Contractual Law at Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo - PUC/SP. Post-graduated in Corporate Real Estate Law at Universidade SECOVI.
Languages: Portuguese and English

Pedro Monteiro


Telephone: (+55 11) 3195-9980 / (+55 11) 9 9743-4946
Skype: pedro.monteiro1707
Areas of Expertise: Tax Law
OAB/SP: 306.336
Schooling: Law Bachelor by the Mackenzie Presbyterian University
Languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish (basic) and Italian (basic)

Vânia Rosa


Telephone: (+55 11) 3195-9980 / (+55 11) 9 7230-5378
Skype: vstrosa
Areas of Expertise: Tax Law and Compliance
OAB/SP: 319.406
Schooling: Law Bachelor by the Law School of São Bernardo do Campo and Graduate in Tax Law and Tax Proceedings by the Damásio de Jesus Law School
Languages: Portuguese

Daiane Trigo


Phone: (+55 11) 3195-9980 / (+55 11) 9-5559-0604
Skype: daiane.trigo1
Work Areas: Civil Litigation
OAB/SP: 320.524
Education: Bachelor’s degree in Law at Faculdades Metropolitanas Unidas (FMU). Post-graduation in Civil Procedure Law at Faculdade Damásio de Jesus. Post-graduation in Corporate Law at Fundação Getúlio Vagas (FGV).
Languages: Portuguese and English

Felipe Maia


Telephone: (+55 11) 3195-9980 / (+55 11) 9-6398-8137
Skype: felipeeliasmaia
Areas of Expertise: Tax Law
Schooling: Graduated as Bachelor in Law by the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo. Pursuing a Graduate Degree in Tax Legislation at São Paulo Law School from Getúlio Vargas Foundation.
Languages: Portuguese and English.

Gilberto Darani


Telephone: (+55 11) 3195-9980 | (+55 11) 9-6488-1604
Skype: gilberto.darani
Areas of Expertise: Tax Law and Tax Compliance
OAB/SP: 358.057
Schooling: Law Bachelor by São Judas Tadeu University. Graduate degree in Tax Law by the São Paulo Law School of the Getúlio Vargas Foundation.
Languages: Portuguese

Larissa Silva


Telephone: (+55 11) 3195-9980 / (+55 11) 9-7522-4484
Skype: larissa.silva.dsbc
Areas of Expertise: Labor and Social Security Law
OAB/SP: 346.724
Schooling: Law Bachelor by the Law School of São Bernardo do Campo. Graduate degree in Labor Law and Processes at Paulista Law School.
Languages: Portuguese

Daniela Sato


Telephone: (+55 11) 3195-9984 / (+55 11) 9-9299-1444
Skype: dcksp
Areas of Expertise: Tax Consultancy and Tax Compliance
Schooling: Bachelor degree in Financial Management by Paulista University. Student of Accounting Sciences at Paulista University.
Languages: Portuguese.

Aline Pedrosa


Telephone: (+55 11) 3195-9980 / (+55 11) 9-9829-9008
Skype: aline.pedrosa93
Areas of Expertise: Tax and Corporate Law
OAB/SP: 211.164-E
Schooling: Law Bachelor by the Law School of São Bernardo do Campo
Languages: Portuguese and English

Izabelle Melo


Telephone: (+55 11) 3195-9980
Skype: costa.izabelle
Areas of Expertise: Corporate Law and Paralegal services
Schooling: Law student at Centro Universitário das Faculdades Metropolitanas Unidas – FMU
Languages: Portuguese

Leandro Koller


Telephone: (+55 11) 3195-9980
Skype: Leandro.koller
Areas of Expertise: Tax Law
OAB/SP: 210.442-E
Schooling: Law Student at Educational Center of United Metropolitan Schools – UNIFMU.
Languages: Portuguese

Stephanie Stoffers


Telephone: (+55 11) 3195-9980
Skype: stoffers.stephanie
Areas of Expertise: Tax Law
Schooling: Law student at São Judas Tadeu University.
Languages: Portuguese



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