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We unite legal technical knowledge with the client's strategic demand.

We think globally: we understand, respect and value other cultures.

We offer comprehensive legal advice, and act in an absolutely safe, complete, and responsible manner.


Long-term relationships, mutual trust, and transparency.

Commitment and focus.

Technical knowledge directed to obtaining results.

Team engagement with our values and purposes.

Professionals who feel part of the business.

Constants seek for knowledge and experience.



Flexibility. Proximity to our customers in driving demands. In the way of applying technical knowledge. To deal with different cultures and to communicate with the various audiences of relationship.

Initiative. We like to propose. We are very willing to accomplish and make decisions.



Our performance breaks boundaries. In addition to Brazil, we are also present in Spain, France and Canada. The shortening of distances and culture knowledge ensure competitive advantage to our customers.

Areas of Expertise

  • Arbitration
  • Compliance Fiscal
  • Agreements
  • Administrative Law
  • Civil Law
  • Labor Law
  • Real Estate Law
  • Tax Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Due Diligence
  • Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)
  • Paralegal
  • Family Planning


Alternative ways of resolving conflicts have proven to be efficient tools for monitoring business dynamics. The usual slowness of the judiciary and the lack of technicality in decisions that require this type of basis are reasons that increase the demand for arbitration proceedings. Our team is able to advise clients in cases of business mediation; local and international arbitration; negotiation of arbitration commitment; and enforcement of related judicial measures (preparatory / precautionary and incidental measures, homologation, and enforcement of judgments).

Compliance Fiscal

The increasing complexity of tax and social security obligations impose to companies to implement effective control of their practices. We advise our clients in the reviews of the releases and calculations of taxes and relevant consequences, ensuring security and soundness in the recorded information and collected amounts. Our work includes from reviewing tax assessments and more efficient administration of controls to risk management, monitoring the parameterization of ERP systems, and managing tax returns.


The conclusion of contracts and other formal agreements help the entrepreneur in conducting its business with the adoption of procedures that minimize risks, doubts, disputes, and losses. We work closely with our clients, natural and legal persons, national and foreign, to ensure their operations comply with the law and also contribute to the growth of their business. The guidance and contractual management also ensure the recovery of rights and credits, allowing the provision of eventual gains and losses and the maintenance of files prepared for audits. Our advisory includes the preparation, review, negotiation, conclusion, and registration of various business agreements, such as purchase and sale of goods and assignment of rights; franchise; rental of real estate; standards and licenses for use, technical assistance, and technology transfer, including advice on issues related to the interpretation of normative acts of the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI).

Administrative Law

The contractual relationship with Governments or their suppliers is very peculiar and requires specific legal support, either to ensure participation of companies in certain stakes, or to protect them in contracts already signed. Our services cover analysis of the economic and financial balance of contracts; advice and conduct of rebalancing claims; assistance in the setting up of proposals for contest; and related administrative and judicial litigation.

Civil Law

Private relationships and their peculiarities present, every day, greater complexity, and constant need for legal assistance. Our team has experience in relevant cases involving disputes regarding M&A, agreements, financial operations, credit recovery, consumer, technology and intellectual property, environmental issues, and wide range of business, local and international litigation, as well as disputes related to family and succession law.

Labor Law

We deliver to our clients, legal and natural entities, the technical excellence related to all aspects of the labor system. The action involves the administrative, advisory and litigation areas, whether judicial or extrajudicial, including union negotiations. Among the specialties of our Labor Litigation are: actions and defenses before the Labor Court, in all degrees of jurisdiction; defense of companies before the Public Ministry of Labor; defense of infractions of offences drawn up by the Ministry of Labor and Employment; defense of the assets of companies and partners of companies in executions and civil liability issues of companies. Consultancy focus is on actions such as the analysis of outsourcing processes and risk mitigation; advice to cooperatives; adequacy audit in the area of human resources; special working conditions (fixed-term agreement, bank of hours, expatriates / foreigners); preparation of profit-sharing programs and stock options and opinions on labor legislation.

Real Estate Law

The firm offers legal advice specialized in the structuring and development of real estate business. Our team works closely with other areas of the firm, such as tax, civil, corporate, mergers and acquisitions, environmental and labor, to provide greater certainty in legal advice related to the sector. Among our specialties, are the advice in the preparation, review, negotiation, conclusion, and registration of contracts for various purposes; legal audit for the purposes of asset management, transfer / acquisition of urban and rural properties, and structuring of real estate businesses; constitution of real estate guarantees; assistance in the process of acquisition of rural properties by foreigners and acting in regularization procedures of property with public agencies.

Tax Law

We advise our clients integrating innovation in tax solutions with legal certainty and high specialization. The tributary area is divided into three aspects of activity:

Consulting: it is provided through the development of interpretative opinions of tax legislation and tax planning for various purposes, such as advice on the consolidation and reporting of foreign companies established in Brazil; implementation of tax committees in companies; support for corporate transactions; issuance of legal opinion on tax matters and optimization of treaties signed by Brazil.

Transfer pricing: consists of the preparation or revision of transfer pricing methods in import and export operations of goods, services, and loans. In this niche, we do work as a study of the most appropriate method, considering the peculiarities of the sector in which the business is inserted; planning of operations according to the legislation between the countries involved and implementation of methods for managing the tax burden.

Administrative and judicial litigation: with recognized performance in the Regional and Superior Courts, our firm acts defending the interests of clients in active and passive disputes against the Tax Authorities, whether at the municipal, state, or federal levels. Among the processes that we conduct most frequently, and high success rate are defense in infraction and seizure of goods; manifestation of non-conformity in compensation, restitution, and reimbursement proceedings; administrative requests for special regimes and lawsuits aimed at reducing the tax burden and recovering amounts improperly collected, in addition to the litigation management of tax liabilities.

Corporate Law

We advise our clients on all aspects of corporate law, from the constitution of the company to the structuring and monitoring of its corporate governance. Our practice also includes corporate reorganizations, structuring of new businesses in Brazil and abroad, representation of international groups operating in Brazil, dissolution of companies, drafting and negotiation of shareholders’ agreements. In addition, we have a strong specialization in advising on the registration of foreign investments and foreign loans at Central Bank, in support of issues involving international financial transfers, such as capital incorporation to set up companies, remittances of profits and capital gains, repatriation of investment.

Due Diligence

The risk inherent in unfulfilled obligations by companies can contaminate new investors or the business itself. Having extensive knowledge of hidden, contingent liabilities, constituted or not, is an indispensable measure for good business practice. We conduct due diligence processes in all areas of operation of the firm, aimed at investigating the real legal situation (corporate, tributary, contractual, real estate, civil, environmental, labor, and intellectual property), regulatory, fiscal, and accounting of companies, whether in purchase and sale transactions, from the perspective of both, the buyer and seller, or for the better security of partners, shareholders, and managers of companies. These works can also be carried out in a limited manner, with an indicative report of the main contingencies identified (red flag report).

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

We operate in mergers and acquisitions operations involving companies from different markets, sectors of the economy, nationalities, and sizes – from family companies to multinationals. We adopt a service policy integrated with the other firm areas so that the advice covers all relevant legal aspects involved in the operation, such as the purchase and sale of equity and assets, associations, joint ventures, mergers, and acquisitions of companies. We advise clients from the time of planning and structuring the business to the conclusion of the documents that effectively formalize the operation, in addition to submission to CADE, if applicable.


The Brazilian bureaucracy imposes an effective need for process control and knowledge of usual practices before public agencies. We also serve our clients in demands of this nature, coordinating requests and processes carried out in Commercial Boards and notaries, Central Bank, Federal Revenue Service, and government agencies in general.

Family Planning

Faced with the risk of increased taxation of individuals and legal entities and the concern of families to structure the assets they have both in Brazil and abroad, we created a nucleus specialized in family planning. We seek the best strategic solutions of estate and succession planning, protection, and perpetuity of family assets, considering the client’s interests and ensuring the transmission and preservation of the heritage for future generations.



Leonardo Briganti


Specialist in Tax Law with extensive experience in Tax Planning. He works since 1998 mainly in matters related to Tax Structuring, Tax Planning, Corporate Reorganization, and Foreign Investment, as well as mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and their effects. For approximately a decade, he provides legal advice to foreign companies, following the incorporation of Brazilian subsidiaries, acquisitions, joint venture agreements and IPO processes. In 2011, he founded Briganti Advogados.

Phone:(+55 11) 3195.9980
Practices: Tax Law, Corporate Law, M&A, International Consulting and Family Planning
Education: Graduated in Law at Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC-SP); Postgraduate in Tax Law at PUC-SP; Specialist in Business Administration at Getúlio Vargas Foundation (CEAG).
Languages: Portuguese, English, and Spanish


Alexandre Silvestre


Specialist in Labor Law, he has been working in law firms since 1999, in Advisory, Litigation and Administrative Labor. He has extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions, audits and collective negotiations with Labor Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Regional Labor Police, and trade unions. Alexandre has been a partner at Briganti Advogados since 2016.

Phone: (+55 11) 3195.9980
Practices: Labor Law
OAB/SP: 196.604
Education: Graduated in Law at FIEO university center (UNIFIEO). Postgraduate in Labor Law at Pontifical Catholic University (PUC-SP) and master’s degree in labor law at PUC-SP.
Languages: Portuguese and English


Francisco Roberto


Specialist in Civil Law, he has worked in a law firm since 2002. In the last decade, he has directed his career to areas of Environment and Infrastructure, both advisory and litigation. He attended specialization courses in Environmental Law and Energy as well as Infrastructure at Universities in Lisbon and Heidelberg. He has extensive experience in topics such as High Complexity Contract Analysis, Contractual and Environmental Risk Management, Contractual Rebalancing, Administrative and Judicial Claims, Biddings and Administrative Law, among others.

Phone: (+55 11) 3195.9980
Practices: Civil
OAB/SP: 247.439
Education: Graduation in Law at São Judas Tadeu University; MBA in Agribusiness at Esalq/USP and Specialization in Environmental Law at Superior School of Constitutional Law.
Languages: Portuguese, English, and Spanish

Rodrigo Loureiro


With over 15 years of experience, Loureiro became a partner of Briganti Advogados in 2021 with the mission of internationally expanding the firm’s operations, especially in Europe. Living in Paris since 2011, where he works as a lawyer and has been a partner of large American and French law firms, he has extensive expertise in advising Brazilian companies in international transactions, as well as foreign companies that plan to invest and / or implement their operation in Brazil. He specializes  in Corporate Law, with special skills for risk analysis and advice on M&A operations, restructuring and corporate executions. Rodrigo Loureiro has solid experience in multijurisdictional processes. Since 2015, he has been co-chairman of Franco-Brazilian Commission of Paris Bar Association.

Phone: (+55 11) 3195.9980
Practices: Corporate Law, Commercial Litigation, Compliance, Brazilian and French Anti-Corruption Law and International Consulting
OAB / SP: 325757
OAB / RJ: 090719
Education: Graduated in Law at University Cândido Mendes, post-graduated / specialist in Economic Law and Corporate Law at University of Coimbra.
Languages: Portuguese, English, French, and German.



Aline Pedrosa


Phone: (+55 11) 3195.9980
Practices: Company, Corporate and Contractual Law
OAB/SP: 393.537
Education: Graduated in Law at Law School of São Bernardo do Campo and Post Graduated in Business Law at Getúlio Vargas Foundation.
Languages: Portuguese, English, and Spanish

Ana Lívia Dias


Phone: (+55 11) 3195.9980
Practices: Administrative Law and Civil Law.
OAB / SP: 431.708
Education: Graduated from the Center of Higher Education of the State of Amazonas - CIESA, Post-graduated in Civil and Civil Procedural Law from Escola Paulista de Direito EPD.
Languages: Portuguese and English.

Daniela Sato


Phone: (+55 11) 3195.9980
Practices: Tax Consulting and Tax Compliance
Education: Graduated in Financial Management at Paulista University. Graduated in Accounting Sciences at Paulista University.
Languages: Portuguese

Eduardo Bessi


Phone: (+55 11) 3195.9980
Practices: Tax and Business Law
Education: Graduated in Law at Nove de Julho University and Accounting Technician.
Languages: Portuguese and Spanish

Felipe de Paiva


Phone: (+55 11) 3195.9980
Practices: Tax Law, Civil, Family and Succession
OAB/RJ: 206.733
Education: Graduated in Law at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro State (UNIRIO). Master's degree in Law at Graduate Program in Constitutional Law at Fluminense Federal University (UFF).
Languages: Portuguese, English, and Spanish

Giovana de Angelis


Phone: (+55 11) 3195.9980
Practices: Labor
OAB/SP: 375.072
Education: Graduated in Law at Catholic University of Santos.
Languages: Portuguese and English


Juliana Raffo


Phone: (+55 11) 3195.9980
Practices: Public and Private Agreements, Civil Law, Civil Procedure and Bidding
OAB/SP: 346.320
Education: Graduated in Law at Law School of São Bernardo do Campo; Postgraduate in Civil Law and Civil Procedure at Paulista School of Law; Attending MBA in Business Management at ESALQ/USP.
Languages: Portuguese and Spanish

Laura Silva


Phone: (+55 11) 3195.9980
Practices: Civil Litigation
OAB/SP: 394899
Education: Graduated in Law at Law School of São Bernardo do Campo and Postgraduate in Diffuse and Collective Interests (ESMPSP).
Language: Portuguese and English

Marina Chaves


Phone: (+55 11) 3195.9980
Practices: Tax Litigation
OAB/SP: 351.246
Education: Graduated of Law at Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas, Specialization in Tax Law at Brazilian Institute of Tax Studies (IBET) - Lato Sensu Postgraduation.
Languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish, and French

Pedro Monteiro


Phone: (+55 11) 3195.9980
Practices: Tax Law
OAB/SP: 306.336
Education: Graduated in Law at Mackenzie Presbyterian University with specialization in Tax Law at GVLaw.
Languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish, and Italian

Priscila Spinola


Phone: (+55 11) 3195.9980
Practices: Labor
OAB/SP: 279.649
Education: Graduated in Law at University of Grande ABC, Postgraduate in Law and Labor Relations at Law School of São Bernardo do Campo.
Languages: Portuguese and English

Priscilla Arlant


Phone: (+55 11) 3195.9980
Practices: Corporate, Contractual and Real Estate Law
OAB/SP: 243.821
Education: Graduated in Law at Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP), Postgraduate in Contract Law at PUC-SP and Specialization in Corporate Real Estate Law at Secovi University.
Languages: Portuguese and English

Vânia Rosa


Phone: (+55 11) 3195.9980
Practices: Tax Law and Tax Compliance
OAB/SP: 319.406
Education: Graduated in Law at Law School of São Bernardo do Campo and Postgraduate in Tax Law and Tax Procedure at Damásio de Jesus Law School.
Languages: Portuguese

Verônica Gomes


Phone: (+55 11) 3195.9980
Practices: Tax Law and Tax Compliance
Education: Graduated in Information System Administration at Adventist University Center of São Paulo, Postgraduate in Tax Accounting at INPG Business School, MBA in Tax Management at USP Piracicaba and Certification in Project Management by Getúlio Vargas Foundation - FGV.
Languages: Portuguese.



Eduardo Brigante


Phone: (+55 11) 3195.9980
Specialty: Consulting in Information Systems, ERP Fiscal and Tributary, Database Analysis and Maintenance and Training.
Education: Business Administration by São Bento College and Álvares Penteado Foundation-School of Commerce; Systems Analysis by Kyoei Facom Computing Center.

Pedro Messetti

Phone: (+55 11) 3195.9980
Specialty: Specialized in Tax Law, especially in taxation of International Operations, with emphasis on Transfer Pricing. He has extensive experience in the preparation of calculations, opinions and planning for multinationals from various sectors.
Education: Graduated in Law from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo - PUC-SP, where he also studied Accounting Sciences. Specialized in Tax Law by the Brazilian Institute of Tax Law - IBDT.



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