Areas Covered

Anti-Corruption and Compliance Law

The regulatory environment of fighting corruption in Brazil has undergone major developments in the last 10 years, mainly through the adoption by the Brazilian legal system of two laws compliant to foreign laws, the most advanced and under strong inspiration of the American FCPA   and the British Bribery Act, which are, the Anti-Corruption Law and the Money Laundering Act and the one that defines criminal organizations.

Our team has the necessary expertise in the most diverse fields of law, aiming to meet all areas of business, public and private relationships, which were directly or indirectly affected by compliance standards and corporate integrity.

This new legislation contributes to make the business environment in Brazil fully aligned with the best international practices adopted by OECD countries, including compliance with governance, social and environmental responsibility (ESG) practices.

We advise our clients with consultancy related to the application of the Anti-Corruption Law with the most diverse control bodies, such as the Public Prosecutor’s Office, Comptroller General of the Union (CGU)and Courts of Accounts at the federal, state, and municipal levels, in order to mitigate risks in business relations and with public agents, avoiding sanctions and accountability of shareholders, executives and private organizations.

It is also essential that the entrepreneur be aware of the risk inherent in the obligations not fulfilled by companies, which may contaminate new investors or the business itself. Having an extensive knowledge of hidden liabilities, proceedings – already filed or not, are an indispensable measure for good business practices. 


How can we contribute?

  • Development or review of Compliance and Integrity Policies;
  • Drafting or revision of own codes of conduct and those of suppliers;
  • Preparation or revision Regulations of Internal and External Purchases;
  • Preparation or review of internal or external procurement regulations;
  • Preparation of review of Complaints Channels;
  • Support in the management of complaints and internal investigation processes of infringements;
  • Preparation or review of agreements in general for the adequacy of anti-corruption standards and compliance policies;
  • Conducting training and internal audits.