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Briganti Advogados announces office in Paris and opens Desk France in São Paulo

Office seeks to repeat in France the successful experience with Desk Spain

São Paulo law firm Briganti Advogados announces today (7) the opening of an office in Paris and its new partner Rodrigo Loureiro, co-president of the Franco-Brazilian Commission of the Paris Bar Association. The lawyer will lead the new office in person in the French capital, where he has resided and dedicated his legal career since 2011, notably in large American and French offices.

The expansion plan aims to assist national and French companies in international transactions, with the support of the new European structure and the Brazilian lawyers that form the new Desk France, officially opened today by Briganti Advogados.

According to the most recent report 'Direct Investment', published by the Central Bank in December 2020, France is the fourth European country with the largest private direct investment (IDP) in Brazil, behind only the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Spain, whose Bilbao region already has an address for Briganti Advogados. Europe continues to be the region with the highest IDP in Brazil.

In France, Briganti Advogados will seek to repeat the successful experience of opening its Spain Desk, which has operated with an address in the Bilbao region for 10 years. “Our trajectory, in advising companies in international transactions, shows us the importance of operating in the client's country of origin. Multinationals can adapt more easily to foreign cultures, but above all in the middle market it is essential to know decision makers very closely, in order to transmit confidence and perception of excellence in the legal advice provided”, says the founding partner of Briganti Advogados, Leonardo Briganti.

According to Rodrigo Loureiro, partner responsible for implementing the French structure, “French investors already have a strong presence in the country, with approximately 900 companies installed here. The new business opportunities in Brazil that have most attracted the attention of the French today, are the tenders and auctions for the privatization of public companies. There is also a special interest in the new Legal Framework for Basic Sanitation. There is a clear intention to double the volume of business between the two countries and the French investor is aware of this movement. The potential to be explored is immense. Today, Brazil is the main destination for French investments among emerging countries in terms of stocks, a highly disputed position with China.“


About Briganti Advogados

Global thinking is a striking feature of Briganti Advogados, which respects and values ​​cultural diversity. Focused on Corporate Law, the firm is a reference in areas such as Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), Tax Law, Labor Law, Dispute Resolutions, Family Planning and Civil Law. In its performance, it combines legal technical knowledge with the client's strategic demand. With its Desk Spain and Desk France, it uses its multidisciplinary legal structure to meet customer demands in an integrated manner with its local addresses, in Bilbao and Paris.



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